Bring back Billy Crystal at 2012 Oscars!

Deafening outcry to bring back Billy Crystal at the Academy Awards in 2012 has grown louder when Francaway failed to wow as Oscars first-time host
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Francaway must have really failed to wow as first time Oscars host big time, for their hosting stint has paved way for the birth of “Billy Crystal for 2012 Oscars Host” pages both on Twitter and Facebook.

The outcry to bring Crystal back on Oscars stage ensued from the dismal thumbs down given to first time hosts, James Franco and Anne Hathaway, as critics and viewers gave their reactions following the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony.

This could also be seen and felt, though left unsaid from the yawning Kodak audience, who could have been eyeing the exit door even at the early part of the ceremony.

And the standing ovation received by Crystal should tell Francaway that indeed they had a real big shoe to fill to grace the Oscars stage.

Crystal made a surprising appearance to introduce Bob Hope, Oscars’ host for its first telecast in 1953. And before he could allude the generation gap in the movies by saying he was 5-years old when Bob Hope first appeared in the Oscars, he was met again with a familiar mood at the Kodak theater - - the audience big smiles, whose head and body shaking in laughter in Billy’s every word.

Billy Crystal had hosted Oscars for eight years: 1990 to 1993, 1997-1998, 2000 and 2004. He was reported to have turned down another hosting stint in 2006 to focus on his one-man show, 700 Sundays. Billy’s eight years as Oscars host comes next to Bob Hope, who according to Oscars official website has hosted the high-profile award giving body for 18 years.

Critics have claimed that Bill Crystal have received audience laughs and applauses on the early part of his every show for eight years, what first-time hosts Francaway have collected in the whole three hours to front this year’s Oscars night.

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