‘Bridget Carr’s Diary’ - Ranting of a Foreign Minister

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Bob Carr's new book, "Diary of a Foreign Minister," is currently dubbed as the Bridget Carr's Diary.

Although the book exposes serious revelation of Australia's foreign policy being contracted out from Jewish donors or the current foreign minister, Julie Bishop said the book posed risk for Australia's international ties. Carr is not making any apologies.

Speaking in a press conference in Sydney, Carr said his stories were worth-telling.

"I make no apologies for providing people with a darn good story about how Australian foreign policy is made. I think the Australian people deserve to know these things. I think Australian democracy is going to be better because someone has explained this for the first time in this sort of vivid diary form. If you did the travel I did and you had to get off after a 14 hour flight to meet a world leader you'd know that there was some advantage in snatching a little sleep. I gotta be honest with you - if you get a little sleep you perform better, and I was representing Australia," Carr told the press.

In his diary, Carr went ranting about some of his taxpayers' funded trip.

Flying on a business class with Singaporean airlines, he complained about food, pyjamas and that he was on business class for being "a middle-power foreign minister."

"Pathetic that the public service rules reduce me to that, an upgrade for a middle-power foreign minister," he wrote.

He noted the seats were like "trans-Atlantic slave trade."

"Eating plastic - no ceramic - food, passengers lying in cribs, packed in business class, a design that owes a lot to the trans-Atlantic slave trade..."

 "Specifically, I have taken note of the lack of English subtitles for the Wagner opera Siegfried,'' Mr Carr wrote in his diary.

 "Business class. No edible food. No airline pyjamas. I lie in my tailored suit."

Whether careless or brutally honest, he wrote he was not humbled after attending G20 summit with U.S. Pres. Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin.  

 "Interested, curious, of course. Just not humble."

Carr was on fire while writing the book as he revealed a rather hilarious ambition to "have a concave abdomen defined by deep-cut obliques."

For that ambition, he "did two hours of Pilates, then to Double Bay for my third meditation lesson; then to the office to read cables; to the gym ..."

And eats healthy -  "(1) organic steel-cut oats (2) lots of berries, every kind (3) two poached eggs."

He was not ashamed to write that he thought plastic surgery had worked for U.S. Senator John McCain and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

McCain was "younger and more sparkle-eyed than I might have expected," Carr wrote.

For Kerry, he "noticed something about the skin."

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