‘The Bridge' Season 2 Spoilers: Episode 8 'Goliath' Airs On Aug. 27, 2014, Sonya And Marco’s Histories Will Be Revisited And Revealed [WATCH VIDEO]

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‘The Bridge' Season 2 Spoilers: Episode 8 'Goliath' Airs On Aug. 27, 2014 [WATCH VIDEO]
Cast members Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir pose at a premiere screening of the FX television series "The Bridge" at Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California July 7, 2014. The series premieres July 9. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

"The Bridge" starring Diane Kruger as Detective Sonya Cross and Demián Bichir as Detective Marco Ruiz is a TV drama series from the FX network about the team-up of an American detective (Cross) from the El Paso Police Department and a Mexican detective (Ruiz) from the Policía Estatal, or State Police of Chihuahua. They joined forces to investigate a serial killer who has terrorized people along the border of Chihuahua and Texas. The show was first aired on July 10, 2013. It is currently on its Season 2, with the latest episode titled "Goliath" (episode 8) airing on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014. Spoiler Alert! This article contains "The Bridge" spoilers of "Goliath." Read only if you want to know more about it.

"The Bridge" Season 2, episode 8 "Goliath" is directed by Jakob Verbruggen and written by Dario Scardapane and Elwood Reid. According to the Futon Critic, in "Goliath," Sonya will revisit her past and come in contact with a stranger involved in it. Meanwhile, Marco's dark past will also be uncovered. As for El Paso Times reporter Daniel Frye (Matthew Lillard), he will take things too far. Let's not forget about Eleanor Nacht (Franka Potente). This episode will show how the loyalties of the drug cartel's fixer will be tested. And, someone will try to apprehend Fausto Galvan (Ramón Franco), the El Rey Storage owner and the leader of the cartel. Will they succeed? Tune in on Aug. 27, 2014 at 10 p.m. on the FX network to find out.

The Internet Movie Database, or "IMDb" reported that aside from Kruger, Bichir, Lillard, Potente and Franco, other stars who will appear in "The Bridge" Season 2, episode 8 "Goliath" are Roman Arabia (Jaime), David Barrera (Domingo), Bruno Bichir (Sebastian Cerisola), Juan Carlos Cantu (Capitan Robles), Joseph A. Garcia (Pete Rivas) and Ted Levine (Lieutenant Hank Wade).

These are the "The Bridge" Season 2 spoilers of episode 8 "Goliath." Don't miss "The Bridge" every Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. EST on FX. The next "The Bridge" episode is "Rakshasa" (episode 9) and it will air on Sept. 3, 2014. Keep reading International Business Times, or IBTimes for more updates about "The Bridge" and other news about entertainment, finance, business, sports, health, politics, economy, technology and science.

Watch The Video Below Featuring Diane Kruger Talking About Where "The Bridge" Leads In Season 2:

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