Bride-To-Be Loses 57 Kilograms Before Wedding, Slimming World's Woman of the Year

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Grace Peacock, 21-years old from South Yorkshire in England, was 115 kg when her soon-to-be husband, Dan Newsome, failed to carry her while practicing for their wedding. That is when she decided that she had to lose weight.

She told the UK's Mirror that while attempting to carry her, he failed and then he tried to brush it off and asked for a hug. She then tried to joke about not wanting to be dragged over the threshold of her house but that incident really upset her.

She was always made fun of when she was younger because of her weight, and this led to her not going to shops and buying clothes, rather opting for online shopping.

Due to her embarrassment, she even avoided going out with her friends because they loved clicking pictures and putting it up on social media which she wanted to avoid as she would be tagged as well.

She has lost almost half her body weight now, losing a massive 57 kg, weighing just 58 kg currently. In two years time, she has shrunk from being a Size 22 to a Size 10 and for the first time, comfortable wearing a bikini. 

Two years ago, she began to go on long walks with her dogs and joined a gym with her fiance. In February 2013, she joined Slimming World, a weight loss diet program, with her sister, Megan Allatt. 

The program started showing results in three months when she went down to being a Size 16. She updated her weight loss on social media and received 2,000 likes on Facebook for going down from a Size 22 to a Size 14 and this encouragement helped her to keep going. In 2014, she won Slimming World's Woman of the Year award.

Apart from the diet that she followed, she would also go to the gym and runs on the treadmill four times a week for five kilometres.

Her biggest excitement is to try on her wedding dress. She and her fiance had bought a new home a year ago because of which they haven't set a date yet. She hopes that it will be in 2016, which she feels is enough time for Dan to practise carrying her around.

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