Breaking News: Miss World Megan Young Survives in Haiti Accident, MWO Chairman Suffers Serious Fall

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Miss World Megan Young and Miss World Organization Chairman Julia Morley suffered serious accident in their recent charity trip in Haiti on Thursday, October 31 while visiting an orphanage in Port Au Prince. Due to a bad fall, Mrs. Morley had to be taken by ambulance and was airlifted to a hospital in Miami for surgery.

Luckily Young only suffered a few cuts and bruises when 20 children from the orphanage rushed towards her and as they approached the floor collapsed, and have them fall 8 to 10 feet below and caused a lot of injuries. Morley and one of the children, Jonathan, suffered fractures and miraculously all the other children only have some cuts and bruises.

But the real challenge of the accident is how to transfer Mrs. Morley to the hospital due to the lack of medical facilities in the area. People in the scene had to wait for a few hours for an ambulance to provide primary medical care and transported her to a local Medishare hospital. After a series of test, it was confirmed that she suffered a significant fracture and needs to be in a hospital that could tend her injury.

She was airlifted by Air Ambulance from Haiti to Miami and is currently in Jackson Memorial Hospital where she completed a 5 ½ hour operation to put her hip back together. According to reports, Morley suffered a major fracture high in her hip area and Jonathan had suffered a leg fracture.

Surgeon described Morley's fall as a "high impact break with a lot of tissue damage," so they have to insert a metal plate on Julia's hip doe additional joint stability. She's been advised to have an ample rest and intensive therapy, and with the amount of damage in her tissue she will be in Miami for awhile before she can return to London.

Miss World Megan Young is now currently in the US with her family. She recounted the events that followed the accident and said that it was a typical day and she was happy to see the children.

"We went into the orphanage hoping for a good day. I was happy that day and the children we were with seemed so full of energy and joy. We get onto this second floor platform, and we weren't even there for a minute ad we hear crack and everybody falls through," say's Megan in an interview article posted in Norman's Blog.

While in the Hospital, Mrs. Morley described her experience. "I heard a loud crack and then the floor started to side. My first thought was for the children and Mean. As I fell through, I remember catching some of the younger kids and breaking their fall. I landed on my feet but with the extra weight of the kids I fell back. Then came the intense pain and I knew something was seriously wrong."

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