‘Breaking Bad’ Aaron Paul Wants to Play a 'Happier' Pinkman in 'Better Call Saul,’ Actor Talks About Suicide in ‘A Long Way Down’

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Known for his breathtaking performance in "Breaking Bad," Emmy-award winner Aaron Paul recently revealed that he wants to play the "lighter side" of Jesse Pinkman in "Better Call Saul." The show is AMC's prequel to one of TV's most well-loved show and reprising the role in his happier times is what Paul wants.

"It's a prequel so it's before Walter White came into everyone's lives and destroyed them," Paul revealed in an interview with Radio Times. "It would be nice to see Jesse in his lighter days ... I would like to play him happier. It would be nice to see him happier." 

The actor recently revealed that he is looking forward to work with Vince Gilligan, "Breaking Bad's" series creator, and has great respect for him for trusting him to play Jesse Pinkman for the show's five seasons. "It's really up to Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. I'll do whatever they want - I love them to death and Vince Gilligan gave me a career," he added.

After the show's explosive ending, Paul has been busy with movie projects and he recently premiered his "Need for Speed" movie where he plays a race car driver. Very far from his meth-cooking days, the 34-year-old actor is also talking about his latest film with Pierce Broasnan, "A Long Way Down."

Adapted from Nick Hornby's bestselling novel with the same title, the movie follows four strangers who meet at the rooftop of a London building as they prepare to jump from the skyscraper. The actor plays a troubled musician JJ ad co-stars alongside Toni Collette and Imogen Poots.

Now Hollywood's hot property, Brosnan described Paul as the "rock star" of his generation. "Nick Hornby has a way of bringing you into his world and you're instantly invested in the characters the moment you start reading his books and the moment you start watching his films," says Paul when asked what led him to the role in an interview with Radio Times.

"He just has a way of writing characters that you can relate to - that's what made me fall in love with the story. Even though we were dealing with a very serious situation, it is also very, very funny," he added.

When asked about the sensitive topic of suicide, Paul said: "Suicide is a real thing and so it's OK for us to talk about real things. If people don't think it's OK then they shouldn't watch the movie."

He concluded his interview with a message that "life is beautiful and life is rare and suicide is ever the answer."

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