Break Ups and Hair Cuts: There Is a Connection

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A women's umbrella is blown inside out on a beach in Skegness, eastern England July 29, 2009.
A women's umbrella is blown inside out on a beach in Skegness, eastern England July 29, 2009. Reuters

Once a relationship turns sour, it becomes important to let go off the bitter sweet taste the lost string leaves behind.

As a means, many women prefer to create a drastic change in their appearances by introducing a complete new hair cut. It’s often their way to express the very sense of freedom and new found independence.

Many Hollywood celebrities have donned new hair cuts after their much talked about break ups. Sandra Bullok after her split from Jesse James unleashed the rebellious side of her and completely dyed her hair into black. Jennifer Love Hewitt announced her single status by cropping up her hair to shoulder length. The list includes the names of celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Evan Rachel Wood, and Hilary Swank, amongst many others.

According to clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrany, "Many women feel like their hair or appearance is still that one thing they have absolute control over. So, when they decide to chop off their tresses, it is mostly to adopt a new, fresher identity. The girl feels an intense need to move on and hence, the need to look different and new."

A new look after chopping off the traces mostly portrays that she wants to say ‘it’s time to start a fresh.’

Most women try to convey a definite message through this new look which when translated into words says, if you can’t change the situation, the least you can do is to change your looks. That is something you have absolute control over.

Women usually take lot of pride at their hair and it is something they are emotionally connected to a great extent.

Sometimes it’s also done to get old partner’s attention but that’s pretty rare a situation.

Psychiatrist Padma Rewari reiterated, "The act has little to do with the hair itself, it's more of a defense mechanism, where you brave your heart and mind to start anew. Different people have different ways of dealing with heartache. Some move away, some go on a holiday, some rebel and some get haircuts!"

The feeling is almost like catharsis, experts said.

It’s a way through which an emotionally broken woman makes a statement to the world that she is just fine and it’s time to move on.

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