This Bread Toaster Takes Any Selfie To A Higher Level of Food Prep

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A Brazilian soccer fan takes a selfie as she watches the match between Brazil and Cameroon which was broadcast on a large screen at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro
A Brazilian soccer fan takes a selfie as she watches the match being played in Brasilia between Brazil and Cameroon, which was broadcast on a large screen at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, June 23, 2014. REUTERS

Selfie-obsessed individuals can now enjoy "munching on their faces" through a new bread toaster that's designed to imprint any image on the toast.

Mashable writer Lance Ulanoff tested the bread toaster himself (see image). The kitchen tool is said to be a product from the genius minds of Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp. The company has reportedly been making "image-burning" toasters for 4 years.

According to Mashable, the company normally specialises in sports logos, but last year was made famous for their "Jesus toast."

However, company president and CEO Galen Dively wanted to aim higher and dreamed of incorporating other customised images. This gave birth to the selfie toast.

So How Does It Work?

Interested purchasers need to upload their photo first to Vermont Toaster site. Then, the photo is edited in Photoshop. The editing takes 15 to 30 minutes. Dively prefers the image to be in white background since he claimed it would "save some time."

"It depends on how much time I have to spend on Photoshop to make the picture work. I'm pretty good at Photoshop. I can get the background out," Dively told Mashable.

Once edited, the photo then goes into a CAD or computer-aided design program. The program creates a pattern for the photo so it can easily be interpreted in the CNC plasma machine. The machine is essentially a plasma cutter guided by a computer that, according to Ulanoff, "can create the requisite plates" with the photo in a few minutes.

Once the pattern has been entered into the CNC machine, the photo is then recreated onto the plate through a GoTorch. The torch uses both compressed air and electricity to create high-heat plasma so it can penetrate through the metal plates (see photo from Mashable). It usually takes a few minutes to cut two designed plates.

Then, the finishing touches. Vermont Company polishes off the rough edges with a hand sander before inserting the plate into the toaster. The two-piece, pop-up bread toaster is actually custom-designed from China. It features special rails that support the two plates. According to Dively, the outcome of the photo on the bread also depends on the design. Toasting both sides of the bread with the image could end up with the other side of the bread under-toasted.

The selfie toaster costs $75. Also, it's made to order so it usually takes a week before buyers can receive their orders. It also comes in five colour variants: blue, red, yellow, green and powder.

Vermont Company also offers other image designs for those who are not so taken with the idea of "eating their faces." The manufacturer has posted various designs on its gallery.

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