Brazilian Women Dance Naked To Celebrate Brazil's PK Victory Over Chile at World Cup

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Brazilian at World Cup
Brazilian woman cheers the national football team at World Cup Reuters

World Cup host and favorite Brazil survived a grueling round-of-16 showdown with Chile after nailing the victory via penalty shootout 3-2. And yes, the celebrations in the South American nation explode almost everywhere - including a bar that saw beautiful women undressing their tops to their and everyone's delight.

Tapped as the team that has the best chance to win it all, Brazil nearly dealt a major disappointed to the entire country, but ace striker Neymar and goaltender Julio Cezar stepped up big time to escape past a very tough Chilean squad.

Despite the loss, Chilean manager Jorge Sampaoli was more than satisfied to see his boys giving the host country and the overwhelming favorite a run for their money down to the very last play.  

''Do you think I can be satisfied with the result?'' Sampaoli said in the post-match interview via Yahoo Sports on Saturday. ''We've played a hard 120 minutes even if everybody was against us in the stadium.''

Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo, who made a number of incredible saves - including a shot from Hulk at stoppage time, is proud of the accomplishment of the team despite being matched-up against three football powers such as Spain and Netherlands in Group Stages, and Brazil in the round of 16.   

''We played the toughest opponents in the tournament, Spain, Holland, Brazil, and we never played like a team that was weaker than anyone else,'' Bravo added. ''The truth is that we are very sad because we could have won the match before, we should have taken advantage of some good chances,'' Bravo said. ''We felt we could win and we didn't.'

Julio Cezar, the hero of the match with three PK saves, credited his performance to his teammates for giving him the confidence to play under enormous pressure.

''My teammates are giving me a lot of strength on the field so I give my best,'' Cesar said. ''We're just three steps away and I hope to give another interview with Brazil partying.''

Party Time in Brazil

Speaking of party, Brazil is no stranger by any means. In fact, Brazilian women at a local bar even undressed their tops and danced naked to jubilation after their national team's dramatic victory over Chile.

Truly, it's a wonderful time to be in Brazil this moment, on and off the pitch.

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