'Braxton Family Values' Season Finale Spoilers: Tamar and Towanda Braxton Feud Continues, Evelyn Braxton Intervenes

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This "Braxton Family Values" season is ending soon and fans can expect to see the sisters' drama unfold on Thursday, Feb. 20 at 9:00 P.M. on WeTv. While the sisterly love hasn't flowed abundantly on the latest episode entitled "Award Show Shade" and Tamar Braxton's success continuously escalates, her relationship with her siblings, especially Towanda Braxton, continuously plummets at the same rate. Warning: Spoiler alert!

Tamar is nominated for a couple of Soul Train Awards but before the award show, she actually invites her mother out to lunch to tell her how she feels about her relationship with her sisters. Tamar says she doesn't want her success to change her relationship with her sisters. Evelyn consoles Tamar, saying her awards are all well-deserved, to which Tamar responded saying he can give it all up in a heartbeat for her sisters.

Meanwhile, Trina Braxton goes back to the Atlanta studio after her album producers threatened to shut her project down. She's given a single called "Good Day," which she first thinks is too "bubble gum" for her standards but warms up to it after laying down the first vocals.

Towanda, Traci and Trina Braxton then attend the Soul Train Awards red carpet with Ashley and spent a couple of minutes with their former reunion host, Wendy Williams. Towanda tells Wendy that while the sisters love each other, they do not like each other right now. Trina thinks it was pretty rude for Towanda to talk about family issues at the time.

Tamar wins and accepts two awards with a speech, which the sisters, Trina, Traci and Toni jab as being "dramatic." Tamar gets upset and calls Toni "the shadiest of them all." However, at the end of the night, everyone agreed that Tamar could win the Shade top award.

Toni and the sisters fly back to Los Angeles to celebrate Tamar's Grammy nominations at Toni's house. Toni proposes that they push through with the gospel album they all wanted to do. Tamar then requests that everyone agrees to do that album and put it in writing. Tamar and Towanda have lunch together to talk about their issues but the former says Towanda is "too beat and unbothered" that the latter just comes back swinging snide comments about Tamar's weight.

Fans took to Twitter, saying Towanda was jealous of Tamar. "And she can't help it that her husband is a multimillionaire and yours is a bum! #jealous," a fan wrote. Towanda responded with: "Check the web boo! He owes 3.3 million to the IRS. Guess I am jealous of that too huh?"

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