Brave Indian Woman Kicks Man Who Harassed Her, Posts Video on Facebook

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An eve teaser from India had experienced firsthand how viral the fury of a woman can be. Veena Ashiya Chindlur kicked KR Suryaprakash on his face to avenge herself when the latter sexually harasses her on the streets.

Chindlur was with her friend, jogging in Bangalore and silently doing her work out when she encountered Suryaprakash. The 30-year old man allegedly made lewd noises and gestures at her while jogging.

"Around 9:30 am., my friend and I were jogging when he made strange noises and eve-teased me," she told Bangalore Mirror.

Eve-teasing is a euphemism used in India, and sometimes Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan, for public sexual harassment or molestation of women by men. The word "Eve" refers to the biblical Eve, considered the first woman. Eve-teasing comes in many forms, from sexually suggestive remarks, brushing in public places and catcalls to outright groping.

But Chindlur, already pumped by the energy of her work out, didn't less the matter pass. She chased him down the road and made him kneel on the floor.

In the video taken by her friend, Chindlur kicks Suryaprakash on his head. Soon after, he is seen running away.

Chindlur immediately filed a complaint with the police. The authorities were able to arrest Suryaprakash in less than an hour, thanks to the snapshots recorded on her friend's phone.

Chindlur also highlighted on her Facebook account that nobody came to her aid while she waited for the molester to return to get his bike. "Nobody came to help me and as I was standing in the park, I spotted a policeman. I narrated the incident to him and he immediately called the patrolling vehicle," she told Bangalore Mirror.

Chindlur's video has been watched over 50,000 times on YouTube. She said she believes the video gained so much attention because "the fact that women can react and hit back is just not acceptable in our society."

Suryaprakash has been booked for making lewd gestures and sounds.

The video of the encounter here.

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