Brangelina: Proof That Brad Pitt 'Cheated On Angelina Jolie'

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She is the world’s greatest celebrity humanitarian. He is Hollywood’s legendary hunk . Angelina Jolie bought Brad Pitt a heart-shaped island. With six children in the Brangelina brood, theirs is a picture of love like no other. But recent reports claimed there’s an alleged crack in the much-envied romance that weathered the storm for 8 years.

Celebrity Laundry claimed “Mr. Smith” cheated on “Mrs. Smith.” Citing a report by Star Magazine, the gossip Web site noted proofs of Brad’s misstep while away at work in Colorado.

The “Legends of the Fall” star allegedly met a brunette with short, black hair while out having a good time in a bar in Telluride, Colorado.

Celebrity Laundry: “The two spent the evening curled up together touching and flirting until they ultimately disappeared together.”

It did not take long for Angelina to find out what was going on, noted the Web site. It added that in Brad company was a friend who tipped Angie of the alleged “misstep.”

Pitt allegedly admitted to hooking up with the brunette, leaving Jolie got furious. Celebrity Laundry said the “Unbroken” director did not speak to Pitt for one week after the incident. “The Tourist” star apparently refused to take her partner’s phone call as well.

 It’s no secret that Jolie does not want any man cheating on her. This has reportedly been attributed to being estranged to her father for a long time following the same “misstep.”

Celebrity Laundry noted, however, that Jolie's relationship with Pitt was a result of a love affair that began when the two met on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Jolie admitted that she and Pitt fell in love on the set of the action adventure film.

The couple was last spotted in Australia as Pitt joined his family as he took a break from filming. The Brangeline brood was spotted spending quality time Down Under over the weekend.

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