Brain-Dead Pregnant Woman In Canada To Give Birth And Die Soon After

By @snksounak on

A Canadian woman has been put on life support after she suffered from brain hemorrhage all of a sudden. She was pregnant for 22 weeks when the incident occured. Currently, the husband of the woman is waiting for the day their child will be born. That will be the same day when he will lose his wife forever.

This was an incredible incident that happened to Robyn Benson from Victoria, B.C. She suffered hemorrhage on Dec. 28 and was left brain-dead. Dylan Benson, her husband, went out for getting some Tylenol for her after she had complained of a crushing headache. But when he returned home, he found his wife lying unconscious on the bathroom floor. She was still breathing but she was declared brain-dead. Doctors could not make her recover. They eventually announced that she would never wake up again.

Mr. Benson decided to write to the fundraising Web site for support with the hope that he would be able to raise $36,000. Even though Mr. Benson asked nothing more than the annual income of his wife, the world turned out to be much more supportive than he might have expected it to be. By morning of Tuesday Feb. 4, Dylan was able to raise $75,000.

The support came not only from friends and family but from people worldwide. In his appeal, Mr. Benson wrote that it was devastating that his 22-month pregnant wife became brain-dead. In his updated remarks, he expressed his overwhelming emotions after he came to know about the support his wife was receiving.

Doctors were able to keep Mr. Benson's wife alive for the past 5 weeks so that the unborn child could be born through C-section surgery. The child who has already been named Iver Cohen Benson is expected to see the light of the world by the end February after spending 34 weeks in his mother's womb.

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