Brad Pitt’s Ex, Jennifer Aniston, Faces Suit for not Paying Up on Contractor in Bel-air Home Renovation [PHOTOS]

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It was all just leak that gone terribly wrong. But just how long did it take for the contractors to check on Jennifer Aniston’s deck that it was already destroyed before they made it to her Bel-air home?

Brad Pitt’s ex is facing lawsuit for allegedly failing to pay a contractor who built her elegant deck. J.R. Darnall Associates, Inc. is filing charges against the Break-Up star after “destroying the structures their workers built” in March 2013.

What’s interesting about the case, said TMZ and as alleged by the complainant, is the fact that the deck had served its purpose before it was taken down. According to the contractor, the working relationship with Jen began in October 2012.

They described transactions with Jen going smoothly in the beginning, with other projects they worked at since mid-2012. Jen had been a good payer and things went as planned and designed, until the last project Jen asked them to do a $43,710 deck designed for a party held on March 24, 2013.

The party pushed through. Jen used the deck. But the day after the party, she called the contractor and complained that there’s some leak in the deck. The contractors offered to send some experts to examine her concern in hopes to address them. But it appeared that they came in too late. By the time they set foot on the deck at Jen’s Bel-air home, it was already taken down.

Has Jen had a change of heart and decided that she didn’t like the deck anyway.

Whether or not she liked the newly-built deck, it had cost her $43k, and the complaint filed at the LA County Superior Court indicated that Jen hasn’t paid the contractors a single cent. Worse, Jen apparently “cut off all communications” and there’s no way they could reach the actress. They’ re hoping the LA court could do it for them.

START the SLIDESHOW and check out Jen’s looks in photos. You may want to see the deck in her Bel-air home by X17 Online, posted on TMZ here.

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