Brad Pitt to Star in ‘True Detective’ Season 2? Few Things Fans Know About Next Installment Plus Cohle and Laurie Deleted Scene [Spoilers]


Ever since "True Detective" season 1 came to an end, fans have been anxious about its season 2. Several aspects of the much-awaited Nic Pizzolatto's show seem to excite fans, including the new storyline, cast, theme and directors helming a mesmerising thrilling series. Lately, the Internet is abuzz with rumours and speculations about "True Detective" season 2. Hollywood A-Lister Brad Pitt is eyed to replace Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in the next installment, according to rumours.

Read on to find out if Brad Pitt will cast in Nic Pizzolatto's next series. Also, find out few things fans can expect in "True Detective" season 2 and a deleted scene from "True Detective" season 1.

[Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

'True Detective' Season 2 Casting Spoilers: Will Brad Pitt Star in Next Series?

As soon as the show wrapped up, news broke out that Matthew McConaughey will not be returning for "True Detective" season 2. But the show's anthology approach and unique format leaves the door open for new possibilities. Brad Pitt seems to be one of the hot favourites of fans. The "World War Z" actor's name has surfaced numerous times, but it is hard to reckon anything just as yet. Hollywood Life recently presented answers to the looming question of whether or not Brad Pitt will star in "True Detective" season 2.

"Brad's name has come up many times, it's just a matter of what his other commitments are," revealed the "insider" to Hollywood Life. "Brad has tight relations with HBO—he teamed up with Ryan Murphy last year to produce the HBO movie "The Normal Heart." "I know everyone would be thrilled to have him onboard," explained the insider to Hollywood Life.

This means that nothing is confirmed yet, but fans can keep their fingers crossed and hopes alive as Brad Pitt is definitely one of the A-Listers who are being looked at for the role of "True Detective" in Season 2.

However, if Brad is not available for the show, another big star could, as the source also revealed that "True Detective" is the show "everyone wants to be on." This is "because the writing and the roles are just so exquisite and complex."

'True Detective' Season 2 Spoilers: Few Things Fans Know About Next Installment

Meanwhile, fans are already aware about few things about the show's next installment. For those unaware, "True Detective" season 2 will be about "hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system," reveals creator Nic Pizzolatto in an interview with HitFix.

In another interview with Buzzfeed, Nic Pizzolatto revealed that the show may take place in Southern California. He revealed he has "been reading about the last 40 years of Southern California government." Picking up a hint from there, it is being speculated that the next series will move away from Louisiana to somewhere in Southern California.

Furthermore, Pizzolatto dished that unlike season 1, season 2 will have more than one director helming the much-anticipated series. He has reportedly consulted "some great guys" and is "confident" they can accomplish the "same consistency." While not much is revealed about the airdate, it is speculated that the show can be expected to premiere next year at the same time.

Meanwhile, fans can enjoy a scene that was recently released by HBO to the fans thirsting for more of "True Detective." While season 2 will not bring back the story of Cohle and Hart (Woody Harrelson), fans can take another look at the Rust Cohle's intriguing character and whatever happened between Cohle and Laurie (Elizabeth Reaser). The 3-minute-long deleted scene from HBO's "True Detective" solves the mystery behind Laurie's disappearance. It seems they eventually called it quits after Laurie failed to empathise with Cohle at the loss of his daughter and his fear to have kids developing from the trauma he experienced when his daughter passed away. Take a look at deleted scene from "True Detective" season 1 as published by Mirror UK.

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