Brad Pitt, David Fincher Hoping to Shoot New Film in Australia


Could Brangelina be living down under for a while? Australia may be looking at big leagues, as the potentially biggest movie to be shot in the history of Australia, along with the temporary relocation of the power couple in town.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Disney has been scouting locations, particularly in NSW, Victoria, and the Gold Coast, in the final stretch of the deal with the federal government. If passed, it's going to be an epic remake entitled 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain Nemo.

Working to secure the deal with Hollywood is Arts Minister Simon Crean who, The Daily Telegraph reports, has confirmed federal support for the incentive. This is a one-off incentive of over $20 million for the shoot.

Courier Mail adds that the Queensland and NSW governments have also backed the incentive to push the project through.

Sydney Morning Herald reports that there may be a lot riding on the deal with Disney. With reports of Disney having a backup plan in case its Australia deal does not push through, it was reported that a failed closure may result to the migration of talented film crew members in search of work elsewhere outside Australia.

On the upside, there's also the possibility of Brad, wife, and the kids being locals of Australia, at least while he's finishing the film. According to Courier Mail, reports said that if the deal pushes through, Pitt, Jolie, and their brood would be relocating to Australia for the duration of the shoot.

Pitt has already been signed onboard the project as the lead role Ned Landis, teaming up with David Fincher whom the actor has previously worked with in other films such as Fight Club, Se7en, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

"He's got a great take on it. That's just gonna be about schedule and time allocation, but he's my man," Pitt said about the director to The Examiner.

For now, it all depends on the finalization of the deal between Crean and Disney. According to, the final decision should have been made sometime before February ends.

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