Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie invited to Jennifer Aniston-Justin Theroux wedding?

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The guest list is usually among the trickiest parts in wedding planning. But reports seem to indicate that nothing is too complicated for Jennifer Aniston's beau, Justin Theroux.

In a report by British magazine Grazia, it was not Aniston who brought the idea of inviting Brad Pitt to the much-anticipated wedding. Theroux reportedly made the suggestion. And Mr Pitt gets a "plus one." Who else will he take as his wedding date but his soon-to-be bride Angelina Jolie? (That is, if he sends an affirmative RSVP.)

It is understood Theroux expects Pitt to take Jolie to the wedding, if ever. But it is not clear whether the invitation would be sent out to Brad Pitt plus one, or "Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie," to be formal.

A source who spoke to Grazia reportedly said:

"Justin and Jennifer are so happy right now - they don't want any bad feeling in any aspect of their lives by the time they tie the knot."

"Justin knows that Jen and Brad talk occasionally and he likes the actor [whom he has met in a few occasions]. Obviously, this means inviting Angelina too. Jennifer was taken aback, as she really didn't think Justin would want her ex-husband there, but she loves the fact he's so OK about it."

Theroux and Aniston had been the subject of many contradicting reports in the past. If all the reports were true, the couple has had some major disagreements in the past. It was reported that they did not agree on living space. There were also rumours that Aniston had jealousy issues. And there were reports that Aniston was pregnant, after which reports surfaced that the two were headed to splitsville.  

In July, it was reported that Aniston got frustrated that Theroux did not propose to her during their romantic European getaway. But reports of their engagement surfaced in August, anyway.

The latest reports say Theroux and Aniston will get married by year's end.

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