“Boyfriend Tracker” App for the Green-Eyed Lovers

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The Brazilians were enjoying a smartphone app which allows them to track down the whereabouts of their boyfriends and even the messages being sent from their phones. Hence, the app was called the "Boyfriend Tracker" or Rastreador Namorados.

The famed "Boyfriend Tracker" app made it possible for suspicious lovers to act as Sherlock Holmes to their suspected partners. The app sends automatic updates about a person's location.

What made the "Boyfriend Tracker" really on demand in Brazil is its feature which allows users to receive copy of the same text messages being sent from the phone being tracked.

The "Boyfriend Tracker" also allows users "to force the target phone to silently call their own, like a pocket dial, so that they could listen in on what the person was saying," according to Fox News Latino.

The Brazilians were enjoying the apps as being green-eyed about their lovers was a big part of their culture.

"Brazilians are jealous people, what can I say? Of course it's going to be popular, It's a different type of spying. You're checking up on somebody you know intimately, not some stranger," shared Marcia Almeida, a "Boyfriend Tracker" user from Rio.

 The "Boyfriend Tracker" app was developed by 24-year-old Brazilian software developer, Matheus Grijo.

Unfortunately, the "Boyfriend Tracker" app is now being questioned about issues on privacy and was removed from Google Play before it can even be introduce outside Brazil.

Mr Grijo said that his personal lawyer vouched that the app did not violate any Brazilian laws.

"We are waiting for Google's position on the removal of 'Boyfriend Tracker' from Google Play, which we consider an error," Mr Grijo posted on the "Boyfriend Tracker" Facebook fan page.

In an email to Fox News Latino, Google spokeswoman Gina Johnson confirmed the removal of the app from the Google Play. She said that as a company policy, she cannot comment and explain the reasons behind Google's decision to remove the app.

Fortunately for those Brazilians who still want to track their loved ones despite privacy concerns, the "Boyfriend Tracker" app is still available through direct download from Mr Grijo's company's Web site.

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