Boy Never Learned: Chris Brown Got Dumped Because of Inappropriate SMS Again.

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Chris Brown cannot handle a relationship maturely yet, so it seems. His current predicament of being jailed all stemmed from what he did to Rihanna then, and now reports of his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran dumping him for seeing inappropriate texts on his cellphone way before he went to court for misbehaving in rehab and landed in jail are surfacing.

On Monday, it was revealed that Brown, whose mother broke down when sentenced to jail has long split up with Karrueche Tran because of some inappropriate texts on his cellphone, Mail Online UK reports. Considering how depressed and ballistic Tran was when news first came out of the singer's impending jail time, no one will believe the two are no longer an item.

No one can blame Tran either. Tran has put up a lot of disrespect and misfortune since she and Brown became an item. While on rehab, Chris Brown even touch a woman even though this is expressedly not allowed.

According to TMZ, Tran is already long gone even though the world got deceived by how much of a dedicated supporter she is of Brown and even being by his side when he first headed to court in February.

On Wednesday, the Web site reported that Karrueche broke up with Brown in February when she went through his phone while visiting him at rehab  and saw something she hoped not to see.

According to TMZ, the model chanced up Chris' phone during one of her visits to the troubled singer and saw that this was filled with inappropriate texts from other girls. This had the model seeing red and making the decision to split up with Brown.

"We're told Karrueche was especially p***ed because she'd been nothing but supportive to Chris throughout his ordeal, even going to court with him," shared TMZ.

It seems that Brown could not, or at least, would not learn from his past mistakes. It can be remembered that he and Rihanna had their epic arguments as well over Chris getting texts from another woman.  These arguments scaled up to a full-blown media event when Chris beat Rihanna up and gave her serious facial injuries in 2009.

With Rihanna moving on with Drake, it is a pity that Brown cannot get his life back in order.  And to think Brown and Tran have been dating for four years now.

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