‘Boy Meets World’ Spinoff, ‘Girl Meets World’ Cory and Topanga are Back!

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The popular '90's sitcom "Boy Meets World" will be getting a spinoff and it is called, "Girl Meets World."

The popular sitcom featured Cory Matthews, a teen that was destined to try and figure out life on his own with his best friend Shaun Hunter and girl friend, Topanga. The ultimate "Bromance" between Cory and Shaun in the '90's sitcom where they would continuously ask help from the teacher and from Cory's older brother, Eric.

"Girl Meets World" will be where Cory and Topanga's seventh grader will take on the world herself. News of the series got positive reviews and Fishel (Topanga) had tweeted saying:

"Got the great news tonight that #GirlMeetsWorld was picked up for 8 more episodes - a total of 21! Can't wait for everyone to see them all," 

This will be a new Disney series that many teens and kids can relate to. The original sitcom, "Boy Meets World," tackled various aspects of society. They the show aired for seven seasons and people were heartbroken when the series ended, in the class room where all them began their education with their teacher, Mr. Feeny saying:

"Class dismissed."

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Nothing beats the '90's but maybe; just maybe Disney would have something going with the spinoff of "Boy Meets World."

Everyone is also hoping that Rider Strong who played Shawn Hunter his best friend and Will Friedle, who played Cory's older brother, Eric.

The spinoff is currently being filmed in Los Angeles and fans are excited for a whole new series to love throughout the years.

In the memorable words of Eric Matthews, "Mr. Feeny! Mr. Feeny!"

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