Boxing News: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Appears Bothered By Manny Pacquiao

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Without any iota of a doubt, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has established himself as the current undisputed best boxer in the world. Armed with superb boxing intelligence and reflexes, the Grand Rapids native has been simply untouchable inside the ring these days.

2013 was an excellent year for Mayweather as he racked up more than $100 million and kept his unblemished record intact by cruising to easy victories against welterweight contender, Robert Guerrero, and light middleweight kingpin, Saul Canelo Alvarez.

Despite all the glory and millions of dollars Money May has received throughout his entire boxing career, the pound-for-pound king hasn't learned yet to conquer his greatest fear, which is taking on Pacquiao inside the squared circle.

The statement is surely brow-raising, especially for Mayweather's loyal fans. It's as clear as crystal that Mayweather has no intention at all to fight Pacquiao in a boxing match.

He has laid out so many excuses for the past five years, requiring Pacquiao to undergo USADA blood testing, take lesser percentage from the fight purse and agree to other stipulations. Pacquiao did his part by showing his intention to get Olympic-style blood testing and claim lesser money. But again, Mayweather pulled off another excuse from his sleeve. This time, he wanted Pacquiao to leave Top-Rank, the promotion that built the Filipino slugger to become a global sports icon.

Instead of exchanging blows with Pacquiao, the undefeated American boxer decided to bring the showdown to social networking site like Twitter, away from the Pacman's devastating hooks and killer left hooks.

East Side Boxing Writer Robert Montgomery recently published a nice article about Mayweather's obsession of Pacquiao. In his commentary, Montgomery sensibly accused Money May of being envious of his rival's achievement in and outside the ring.

"Here's a question: If Manny is so insignificant, if he's so much lesser than Floyd, if he's not on Floyd's level, if Floyd won't fight him until he leaves Bob Arum, why is Floyd wasting so much brain and vocal energy on Manny Pacquiao?" Montgomery said in his article.

"Among the answers to that question might be envy, jealousy, contempt and hate. These appear to be the emotions and thoughts that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has for Manny Pacquiao. Floyd has demonstrated these traits over and over and over through the years, from PED use accusations, to cell phone video rants, to calling the man a "midget" and "yellow" (referring to his race, not his courage), and recently, he published an insulting "Christmas Card" and artwork of him supposedly smashing Manny Pacquiao in the ring. The man works so visibly hard to demonstrate his hate for Manny Pacquiao. But why,?" he added.

Montgomery said Mayweather might be remembered as the greatest boxer of all time 50 years from now, but the future generation of boxing fans will also know that his flat-out arrogance. Pacquiao will be adored for his legendary exploits inside the ring and the humility of a true champion.

To make the story short, Mayweather is a bothered man. He could not accept the painful truth that Pacquiao is a better man than him. He might beat Pacquiao, should he gain enough courage to push their much-awaited battle. But after all the low-blows and mockery he has exhibited, he just proved himself as an unworthy champion. 

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