Boxing News 2014: Will Manny Pacquiao Heed Wife’s Plea to Retire from Boxing Despite Bradley Win?

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Eight-division title holder Manny Pacquiao, who just regained his WBO welterweight title from Timothy Bradley on Saturday, April 12, and the boxing world's admiration for his comeback, has a woman for his next foe.

No, it is not Kim Henares, the commissioner of the Philippine Bureau of Internal Revenue, who is running after Pacquiao's $20 million guaranteed purse due to an alleged P2.2 billion tax deficiency.

The unexpected challenge came from Pacquiao's pregnant wife who is due to give birth to their fifth child this month, Jinkee. Mrs Pacquiao, also the vice governor of Saranggani Province, pleased for her husband to hang up his boxing gloves for good just minutes after he won a unanimous decision against Bradley.

"You have proven to the world your ability, he can now let go of boxing," Jinkee said in Pilipino, quoted by ABS-CBN. Mrs Pacquiao asked her 35-year-old husband, "How much money do you want to amass if you would be kept away from your family?"

Jinkee was probably concerned that with the birth of their fifth child, Manny would have less time for their growing brood if he has to fight more on the ring, in addition to his duties as congressman of the province. Some, though, may think Jinkee was referring to Manny's past love affairs with Filipina starlets which almost caused the couple to divorce.

But all marital issues is water under the bridge now since the Pacquiaos renewed their Christian faith, reads the Bible daily, attends prayer meeting and proclaims the Gospel whenever they have the opportunity. Pacquiao also openly prays before the start of his match as he did again on Saturday.

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For his part, Pacquiao could possibly be thinking of the need to raise more money since the taxwoman is after his purse, bank account and other assets. And with five kids to take care of, plus so many relatives he is supporting, he likely wants to assure there is enough left after he has settled his tax problems with the Philippines government.

Pressure from Jinkee and Pacquiao's mother, Dionesia, has been strong for Manny to quit boxing for good since he lost to Bradley in June 2012. But with his fresh victory from the Desert Storm, it would be a tough balancing decision for the Pacman to please his family or the boxing world which is surely clamouring for more blood following the recent slugfest he showed against Bradley who suffered his first professional loss in the hands of the Filipino champion.

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