Boxing News 2014: Roach Pushing Pacquiao to KO Bradley, But Manny Loses to Miss USA Erin Brady in Pillow Fight (VIDEOS)

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There are speculations in the boxing world that eight-division title holder Manny Pacquiao has lost his killer instinct. Among the reasons why such point of view is prevailing among boxing observers is his last knockout was in 2010 against Puerto Rican pugilist Miguel Cotto.

However, Manny's coach, Freddie Roach, believes otherwise and is pushing Pacquiao to prove them wrong by knocking out Timothy Bradley in their forthcoming bout on April 12.

The two boxers are in a two-city promo tour of the U.S. to drum up interest in their match.


Pacquiao had been quoted as saying earlier that he would bring back "the young, aggressive Manny Pacquiao" in his return match with Bradley, to whom he lost in a controversial match and decision in November 2013 in Macau.

"When Manny hurt Bradley the first time, he didn't bother to finish him and thought it was enough to win a decision. I disagree with that," ABS-CBN quoted Roach.

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Among the reasons that the Filipino champion has not knocked out any of his ring opponents the past four years is compassion and his becoming a born-again Christian. But Roach said he would change Manny's outlook.

"I know Manny's very big into the Bible. I'm not going to win an argument with the Bible. But the thing is, there's a lot of violence in the Bible and there's a lot of killer instinct in the Bible. To do my job correctly, I've got to point these things out to Manny, that there is killer instinct in the Bible, also. That's what most wars are fought about, religion," he explained.

He said that since Pacquiao wants to return to being on top of the boxing world, the way to do it is to knock out his opponents and be impressive, Roach said.

However, there is one fight and opponent that Pacquiao would willingly take blows - that is a pillow fight with Miss USA 2013 Erin Brady as his opponent.

The pillow fight is actually part of the promotion for his April 12 fight against Bradley, the current World Boxing Organisation welterweight champion.

While the beauty queen from Connecticut was aggressive, Manny just tried to dodge her pillow hits, resulting in Brady being declared winner after two rounds that last 20 seconds each.


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