Boxing News 2014: Pacquiao Will Rise and Go for the Kill Against Rematch With Bradley on April 12

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Manny Pacquiao is determined to snag his victory against Timothy Bradley in their rematch on April 12 credibly. What is the best way for Pacquiao to compellingly win in the rematch than knocking out Bradley? This is what the Filipino boxer has been preparing for and has been eyeing to accomplish in the forthcoming rematch with Bradley, according to Freddie Roach.

The Hall of Fame trainer told Boxing Scene that Pacquiao is highly motivated that he thinks his performance on April 12 will be amazing, the judges wouldn't have to think twice with their verdict. Roach acknowledged the fact that Bradley is a tough guy, who has never been knocked out, but Pacquiao isn't neglecting that idea of knocking the American boxer out.

"If a knockout comes, that will be a bonus," said Roach.

A Whole New Ballgame for Bradley, Says Roach

Pacquiao started training in his native hometown in General Santos City, Philippines. He started training without Roach, who only joined him in the latter part of February. Even though Roach wasn't there wasn't there the whole time, the trainer was pleased with Pacquiao's performance.

According to Roach, Pacquiao was having a great time training in his country because he was surrounded by his family and friends so the atmosphere was a much happier for Filipino eight-division world champion. Roach said that he got beat up really badly during the last two days of their training in the Philippines. Pacquiao, who gave Roach an ambush surprise birthday party, seemed to have enjoyed hitting his trainer more.

Pacquiao arrived in Los Angeles on March 8 to continue the second leg of his training camp for the Bradley rematch. Pacquiao is reportedly missed training at the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles, Ring TV reported. Pacquiao said that he can't wait to continue his training.

"It's great to be back in Los Angeles," he said.

It has been nearly two years after Pacquiao and Bradley squared off for the first time in a bout that was billed as "The Perfect Storm." Bradley won in a highly-controversial split decision, taking away Pacquiao's World Boxing Organisation's (WBO) welterweight title. Who will be victorious for the second time?

Roach has one thing to say. "Please tell Mr. Bradley it's a whole new ballgame, Manny means business this time," he said.

Will Pacquiao outbox Bradley in dominant fashion or will Bradley bag a triumphant win in the rematch?

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