Boxing News 2014: Pacquiao Plans a Bradley Knock Out in April 12 Rematch; Boxing Expert Gives Bradley Slim or Zero Chances of Win (VIDEOS)

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With just more than a month away from the anticipated rematch between eight-division title holder Manny Pacquiao and undefeated American boxer Timothy Bradley, exchanges between the two camps are getting more heated.

From Manila, Pacquiao's friend, Buboy Fernandez, confirmed what has been expressed a few days ago by coach Freddie Roach that they are pushing for a knockout of Bradley by the Filipino southpaw.

Fernandez said that if Bradley decides to run from the constant pressure from Pacman's punches, he will have nowhere to hide. He told Eddie Alinea of Philboxing that if Bradley would run again like what he did on their first match, Pacquiao would chase the American pugilist.

"And if Bradley exchanges blow, he'll be swarmed with punches," Fernandez said.

Pacquiao, though, has refrained from publicly stating that he wants to knock out Bradley despite negative comments from the American boxer's camp that Manny has lost his killer instinct.

Pacquiao is currently training in General Santos City until the first week of March and then will go to the U.S. to continue his preparations for their much-awaited second round.

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The Latin Post, quoting boxing expert Hermie Rivera, said the odds are so much in favour of the Filipino congressman, while Bradley has very slim or nil chances of winning against the Pacman.

Rivera told the Philippine Daily Inquirer, "Tim Bradley's chance(s) of beating Manny Pacquiao is akin to having Satan start serving sherbet or ice cream in hell."

Similarly, boxer Amir Khan thinks Pacquiao has the edge over Bradley.

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However, Bradley has super middleweight champion Andre Ward as his defender. Ward said, quoted by On The Ropes Boxing Radio, "(You wouldn't think that) Timothy Bradley would get the respect he deserves, and he still doesn't. That's the material, that's the fuel that people don't realize push guys like Timothy Bradley to go above and beyond what people think he's gonna do."

Ward continued, "It's not necessarily with X's and O's and strategy, but just the desire man. I feel he has a desire that can't be denied, and he has the intangibles that you can't put your finger on."

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