Boxing News 2014: Mayweather in Another Spending Spree as He Throws $100,000 at ClubE11even in Miami

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Because of his belief that God has spoken to him and confirmed his luxurious lifestyle is okay since he is "king," unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr continues to go on with his spending spree.

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On Tuesday, TMZ Sports reported that Money May threw $100,000 to strippers at the ClubE11even  in Miami. The occasion was the celebration of DJ Irie's birthday.

The Web site said that the boxer came with a backpack full of dollar bills totaling $100,000. It added that celebrities Jamie Foxx and Diddy were in the same building where the club is located, and Diddy even called all strippers to announce that Mayweather was literally throwing money around.

A hundred thousand grands is actually loose change for Mayweather who earned $105 million the last 12 months, beating golfer Tiger Woods for the second straight year as the highest paid athlete in Forbes magazine's annual list.

On Saturday, he also posted on Instagram the photo of his club visit and captioned it: "There's no salary cap on my roster."

Mayweather also posted two videos, with the first video, captioned, "f*cking love my life," and the second video, "Life is good."

Besides his recent spending sprees on diamonds, watches, jewellery and luxury boats, Mayweather is again the talk of town after he narrowed down his next opponent to either British boxer Amir Khan or fellow American boxer Miguel Cotto.

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