Boxing News 2014: Mayweather Admits Maidana Bout Will Be a Difficult Fight; Explains Choice of Argentinean Boxer Over Khan (VIDEOS)

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British boxer Amir Khan was definitely pissed off by Floyd Mayweather's decision last week to ditch him in favour of Argentinean boxer Marcos Maidana despite his winning an online poll created by Money May.

Mayweather's recent statement to Boxing Scene will likely fuel further Khan's anger because the pound-for-pound boxer said that Maidana is the better choice over Khan. In fact, Mayweather admits their May 3 welterweight bout would be a difficult fight for him.

Explaining his decision, Money May said, "Maidana came back very impressive; (he's had) a lot of great wins lately, whereas Amir Khan is 2-2 in his last four fights. That's all there is to it."

Mayweather said he took notice of Maidana's performance when the Argentinean boxer beat Adrien Broner - Mayweather's protégé and unbeaten until December 2013 - winning 6 of his 7 last fights.


He said Maidana is a boxer "he can't overlook."

There are speculations that Mayweather, at 37, will soon retire from boxing. He told Steve Farhood of Showtime that his dream fight is either with Julio Cesar Chavez or Roberto Duran. Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao is noticeably not included in his bucket list.

Boxer Oscar de la Hoya agreed that the Mayweather-Maidana bout would be a terrific one.


However, Ricky Hatton disagrees. He said Mayweather cheated boxing fans of a competitive fight with Khan who could probably render Money May his first defeat. Mayweather had previously admitted he avoided battling Pacquiao for fear of losing his undefeated status just when he is ready to hang his boxing gloves.

Hatton explained, quoted by The Manchester Evening News, "I like Maidana. He is a big puncher and he's all action, but I don't see that he has any of the qualities that could trouble Floyd. Style-wise it's a mismatch. He's just a smaller Alvarez with less boxing ability. I don't see how he's going to harm Floyd unless he lands one on the chin - and we all know how hard he is to hit."

Hatton added, "Amir might be the only fighter out there who is as fast as him and even if Floyd did win, he might not come out of it looking very good."


Hatton's analysis appears to support Money May's admission he only picks fighters who are inferior to him to ensure he keeps the undefeated status until he retires from the boxing ring.

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