Boxing News 2014: Manny Pacquiao Welcomes Israel, 5th Child, Delivered via Caesarian Section

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Eight-division title holder Manny Pacquiao welcomed on Sunday, April 27, his fifth child with wife Jinkee Pacquiao, also the vice governor or Sarangani province.

Jinkee delivered the 8.2-pound Israel by caesarian section at General Santos City at 3:22 pm. The name of their fifth child is noticeably taken from the Bible, reflecting the born-again faith of the Filipino congressman and his wife.

The couple has four other children. The first two, born when the Pacquiaos were still struggling financially, have regular names. The first is Emmanuel, Manny's junior, and the second is Michael.

The next two kids, both girls, when Pacquiao was already earning millions of dollars, hence the third and fourth kids have the names Princess and Queen Elizabeth.

A Twitter member who goes by the handle @leiron claims the name of the newborn is Pope John Paul Pacquiao, probably in honor of the former pope who was canonised on the same day the fifth Pacquiao child was born.

However, another member, Jose Garcia, suggested "the pacquiao family should seriously seek some professional help in baby naming."

The fifth child, their third boy, came two weeks after Pacquiao got back his WBO welterweight crown from American boxer Timothy Bradley, thus Jinkee was not able to watch the rematch personally. However, Pacquiao's mum, Dionesia, watched it and became an Internet sensation because of her praying for Manny while clutching a rosary and prayer book while apparently casting out the spirit of defeat, mistaken by western media as casting a hex on Bradley.

On the same day, Floyd Mayweather Jr opted not to be combative with Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum of Top Rank, saying, quoted by Los Angeles Times, "Only thing we can do is pray for Bob Arum ... I don't want to say nothing negative about Bob Arum. I wish Bob Arum nothing but the best. We're doing what we're doing over here."

However, his dad, belittled the push for the Mayweather Jr-Pacquiao bout, saying it would be the easiest fight for Floyd with the forthcoming match with Argentinean boxer Marcos Maidana harder than one with Manny.

"Floyd would have whooped [Pacquiao] anyway, but he'd kill him now because Pacquiao just got clipped by Marquez ... Marquez knocked the *** out of Pacquiao. So you think Manny could come back and whip Floyd after that?"

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