Boxing News 2014: Justin Bieber to Take Career in Boxing? Floyd Mayweather Jr. Impressed by Singer’s Skills

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Boxing's superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. has some nice words for Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber, who is recently battling traffic and misdemeanor charges left and right. Money May admitted in a recent interview that he was impressed by Bieber's fundamental boxing skills, as even called him a solid boxer.

After his announcement of upcoming showdown with Argentine brawler Marcos Maidana, Mayweather sat out with a local radio station via Karceno of Boxing Socialist and tackled some issue on and off the squared circle.  One of the topics talked about is Bieber's ability to box well.

Bieber, who accompanied Mayweather in some of his big matches against Robert Guerrero and Saul Canelo Alvarez in 2013, can execute his punches well on the mitts and even during sparring sessions, according to Money May.

"Actually, Justin Bieber texted me a video of him boxing before, sparring" Mayweather said about the first time he learned the singer has a little bit of boxing skills, " And he can box a little bit. I was surprised he can box a little bit. He has a fitness trainer, so he's getting a good shape now."

Mayweather even said that Bieber schooled him in a pickup basketball game at the singer's house a couple of days before the interview, beating him 188-182.

"I was just over Justin Bieber's house, I think a couple of days ago. He beat me in basketball but I let him. He won 188-182. He won fair and square, the guy is very very talented," Mayweather said in the interview.

Moreover, he added that he has been working with Bieber on other projects for quite some time such as the Money Machine and Filthy Rich records.

Fight With Maidana

Mayweather is convinced that he's in for a tough match with Maidana, who is coming off a sensational 12-round unanimous decision win over pound-for-pound rising star Adrien Broner in December.

Mayweather holds the WBC Welterweight title, while Maidana has the WBA welterweight title around his belt, making the match much more intriguing to watch.

Before Money May's decision to take on the brawler, Great Britain's Amir Khan was tapped as the favorite to win the Mayweather sweepstakes, but his unimpressive performance in the ring was enough reason for Money May's team to snub him in favor of Maidana.

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