Boxing News 2014: Instead of a Mini Concert After Fight, Manny Pacquiao Plays Piano, Sings Praise Songs at Sin City

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Recently defeated American boxer Timothy Bradley is right in his free-fight analysis that opponent Manny Pacquiao was not the same boxer he fought in June 2012.

Besides being stronger which led to Pacquiao reconfirming his number one ranking, Bradley noted the stronger punches and jobs coming from the boxer he once belittled as having lost his killer instinct.

On Sunday morning, there was one more very significant and noticeable change in Pacquiao from the old Manny who loved to hold a mini concert after a ring battle. Pacman still held a mike that Saturday night, but he no longer belted his favourites such Sometimes When We Touch.

Instead he and controversial mum Dionesia led the group of 75 to 100 Filipinos sing praises to the Lord, with the eight-division title holder on the keyboards. The irony is that they were doing it in Sin City itself, Las Vegas in Nevada where casinos and strip shows are a dime a dozen.

Pacquiao, despite the pain from the 32 stitches on his eyebrow caused by an accidental head butt and only three hours of sleep was enjoying the company of his countrymen who joined him in songs and prayers.

Because of the wound, Manny would rest from boxing for at least one month. Despite the plea of his pregnant wife Jinkee for him to retire now, Pacquiao said he plans to box for two more years and then possibly ran for a higher office such as senator in time for the 2016 national elections in the Philippines.

 Two years, many boxing fans believe, is enough time to negotiate and hold the dream match between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr the two pound-for-pound pugilists would eventually hang their boxing gloves.

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