Boxing News 2014: Freddie Roach Tells Manny Pacquiao to Jab More, Instead of Punch; Mosley Thinks Bradley Will Win (VIDEOS)

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For eight-division title holder Manny Pacquiao to deliver the surprise he promised opponent Timothy Bradley during their anticipated April 12 rematch at MGM Grand, coach Freddie Roach advised the Filipino boxer to jab more.

Roach noted that Pacquiao has recently neglected to use the jab, a boxing basic technique, if favour of the punch. Manny is known for his powerful punches, particularly the right hook and left straight.

He said by utilising the jab more, Manny would be able to create more opening, in the process, setting up the unleashing of his deadly left straight. The coach pointed out Pacquiao has knocked out opponents in the past with his jab.

"I told Manny the other day, Manny, you have the best jab in the world and it drives me crazy that you don't use it ... In sparring, I've been getting him to double, triple and even throw four at a time. It sets up this left hand well."

To improve Pacquiao's conditioning, Roach hired conditioning coach Justin Fortune who helped Manny when he was beginning to become known in the U.S.  That's because Bradley is known for being in top shape whenever he fights, which should be the same case for Pacquiao.

Although Pacquiao is favoured in betting sites 2-1 over Bradley, some of his former opponents see it otherwise. One of them is Shane Mosley who thinks Bradley has the better chances of winning their rematch.

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