Boxing News 2014: Floyd Mayweather Splurges $500K on Ring, Watches & Bracelet in NY Shopping Spree

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Unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr gave some jewellery shops in New York City good business last week when he decided to spend some of the millions he won on his May 3 bout against Argentinean boxer Marcos Maidana.

TMZ reported that the 2-day shopping spree while in search of diamonds ended with Money May splurging more than $500,000 on a ring, several watched and a bracelet at Rafaello. He bought the items on Wednesday. The report said that Mayweather already like some of the blings he saw on Tuesday but did not buy them outright.

From Rafaello, he went to a second jewellery store and browsed through their merchandise, but reports indicated he did not buy anything in the second shop.

After returning to Rafaello on Wednesday when he bought the jewelleries, it seemed Mayweather wasn't still content with his loot and still visited Jacob the Jeweler. In this shop, he looked at two more watches, though it is unsure if he bought the items also.

The boxing champ's spending spree, which is definitely not a first time on record, led Classiclite to speculate if the 37-year-old Mayweather is going through a mid-life crisis after breaking up with ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson over her alleged abortion of their child.

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