Boxing News 2014: Floyd Mayweather Pal, Lil Wayne, in After-Fight Altercation with Crew of Marcos Maidana

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Boxing is generally considered a violent sport with the opponents suffering from facial open wounds, head injuries if not death on the ring caused by a violent blow on the head.

Thus, it is not surprising that boxing fanatics or friends of boxers are not afraid of using their fists too if provoked into a fight, even if they are not the undercard of the main event.

New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne, the stage name of Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, 31, and a friend of American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr and Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber, shared on Monday that he figured in a fight with members of Argentinean boxer Marcos Maidana's crew.

Mayweather and Maidana were the opponents in the Saturday night bout won by Money May through an unconvincing majority decision.

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Fansided reported that after the controversial fight, Lil Wayne was in the tunnel of the MGM Grand when he was allegedly hit on the shoulder from behind by a water bottle. When he turned around, he saw a crew of Maidana and confronted the man. Tempers flared and there was some pushing, but someone pulled the rapper away.

A 50-second video clip of the incident is available in YouTube ( The video has become viral and viewed more than 400,000 times a day after it was posted on the popular video sharing site.

Lil Wayne, who accompanied Justin and Money May to the ring, performed his new single titled Believe Me before the 12-round fight. The rap's title appears to tell fans that they better believe in Lil Wayne's version of how he could have ended up with a cut on his right eye like Mayweather or how he could have knocked out Maidana's crew, although he wouldn't get a guaranteed purse of $32 million or even $1.5 million for such an act of aggression outside the ring.

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