Boxing News 2014: Floyd Mayweather Jr Nears 49-0 Record of Boxing Legend Rocky Marciano; Referees Sparring Session of Youngest Money Team Members

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Freddie Roach, the coach of Manny Pacquiao believes that even if Floyd Mayweather Jr - with his fight record of 45-0, 26 of which are KOs - is approaching the 49-0 record of boxing legend Rocky Marciano, Money May's unbeaten record would not be so sterling if he did not have a match against eight-division titleholder.

Both camps had entertained thoughts of the dream match, but disagreement on blood tests prior to the fight has led to the bout being set aside.

Roach noted, "The pool's very small for both guys ... Somewhere they're going to have to fight each other," quoted ABS-CBN.

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Pacquiao is in the thick of preparations at the Wild Card Gym in California for his rematch with Bradley. He said that he is not thinking yet of his next fight, but is bent on regaining the World Boxing Organisation welterweight crown that he lost to Bradley in their controversial first fight in June 2012.

Going back to his first loss in so many years, Pacquiao said, quoted by Badlefthook, "In the first fight against Tim Bradley, I was over it before I returned to the dressing room. To Freddie Roach and me, and apparently everyone else who watched the fight - except for two - I won the fight."

He added, "The first thing I sat to Freddie when we saw each other in the dressing [room] after the fight was, 'He [Bradley] ran just like we knew he would.' We never discussed or debated the decision because it was obvious that I had won the fight and nearly every round."

April 12 would finally reveal whether Manny was indeed cheated of his crown or Bradley deserved it after all.

Meanwhile, Mayweather is preparing the next-generation of boxers under his Money Team, and served as referee in a sparring session on Wednesday as he took a break from his preparations for his May 3 bout.

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