Boxing News 2014: Floyd Mayweather Jr Introduces Money Walk

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American boxer just posted on his Instagram account a short video clip of himself preparing for his May 3 bout with Argentinean boxer Marcos Maidana. One of the toning techniques that he uses is raising himself up with the assistance of two burly aides and then moving his feet while suspended in the air.

He calls the movement money walk, a clear reference to his moniker Money May. Explaining further, he wrote, "If Michael Jackson had the moon walk & Michael Jordan had the air walk , it's only right for Mayweather to have the "money walk ."

Mayweather then ended the posting with the address of his Web site

Besides being savvy with his finance, hence the Money May tag, Floyd is also an expert social media user. Over the weekend, he promised to personally autograph the March issue of the Black Enterprise Magazine where he is the cover boy, if he sees his fans with the publication.

The video of the money walk was taken at Mayweather's plush gym in Las Vegas which features state-of-the-art equipment.

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