Boxing News 2014: Experts Say Bricks in Maidana’s Hands Could Give Mayweather 1st Defeat

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American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr may have made the mistake of picking Argentinean pugilist Marcos Maidana as his opponent in their May 3 bout. One of his expected last fights could turn out to be his first defeat, boxing experts warn.

Money May, one day, may regret the day he picked Maidana over British boxer Amir Khan who actually won an online poll on who deserves to be Mayweather's next opponent.

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For Sergio Martinez, Maidana has the power in his hands to beat the pound-for-pound king , citing the "two bricks" in the hands of the WBA welterweight champion as boosting his chance of a victory over Floyd Jr.

Martinez said that Maidana would have a fair chance of winning over Money May, but he has to "cut off the ring" and "throw massive amounts of punches in each round." He also needs more consistent efforts against Mayweather.

But Allan Fox of Boxing News 24 thinks otherwise. Fox said that a Maidana win is only possible if Money May would plant his feet and fight in a stationary manner similar to how Adrien Broner - whom Maidana beat - fought.

Fox noted that Maidana's punches sometimes land on the back of the head like his bout with Broner in December 2013, and he acknowledged that kind of punch is dangerous even for Mayweather.

Robert Garcia, Maidana's trainer, said he would train his ward to throw 100 punches per round to win over Money May, which he admits is not an easy task, but not impossible.

Maidana likewise believes he has a fair chance. He told Boxingscene, "I wanted to earn this fight to remain in the history of Argentine boxing. That's why I wanted this fight very much. It is a very big opportunity for me. I believe that with the type of punches that I throw, I can knock him out."

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