Boxing News 2014: Expert Warns Pacquiao Bout vs Algieri is a Lose-Lose Situation for the Filipino Champ

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Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao will face Tim Bradley on April 12 Reuters

The criticisms over eight-division title holder Manny Pacquiao's choice of new American boxer Chris Algieri as opponent for his Nov 22 bout continues with one expert warning the Filipino champ it is a lose-lose situation for him.

Boxing Insider cited the anticipated lower pay-per-view buys as one of the likely casualties of the lopsided fight between the boxing legend and the relatively unknown pugilist who earned $100,000 for his last fight against Russian boxer Ruslan Provodnikov.

The Web site pointed out that against a more known boxer, Brandon Rios, Pacquiao's last PPV buys were not so great, and with him spending much time in the Philippines due to his work as legislator and business concerns, Pacquiao would be less visible to American viewers who comprise the bulk of PPV buyers.

"Algieri is a likeable guy, he does not have the douche-bag personality to sell a fight. He could play the likeable underdog role, but that does not necessarily sell tickets, especially if his opponent Pacquiao, is widely admired across the globe," Boxing Insider emphasised.

The Web site acknowledged that Pacquiao had few choices except to cherry-pick his opponent since there is scant demand for a third bout versus Timothy Bradley, while Rios even didn't deserve their April rematch. Meanwhile, Pacquiao had one too many bouts against Juan Manuel Marquez, while Mike Alvarado was just fresh from a defeat.

While it acknowledged that the 30-year-old Algieri is a good fighter and has good boxing skills, it does not necessarily translate into the nutrition master's degree holder "a shot at one of boxing's biggest attractions."

Stressing that Algieri, with his paltry fight record of 20 against Pacquiao's 58, certainly gives the Filipino southpaw the edge that an unexpected upset could generate "a hailstorm of criticism."

"Make no mistake, Pacquiao is expected to win this fight," forecast Boxing Insider as it hoped for a better opponent for the soon-to-retire boxer in 2015, apparently referring to the speculated dream match between Pacquiao and unbeaten American boxer Floyd Mayweather who at 37 is also set to hang his gloves after his rematch on Sept 13 with Argentinean boxer Marcos Maidana and two other fights.

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Mayweather would likely tread the path that retired boxer Oscar de la Hoya took and become a full-time boxing promoter, while Pacquiao has his sight on higher political office by running for a Senate seat in 2016.

Algieri, meanwhile, believes he still has good chances of winning on Nov 22.

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