Boxing News 2014: Bradley Trainer Says Pacquiao Would Not Easily Beat His Ward in April Rematch (VIDEOS)

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The April rematch between eight-division title holder Manny Pacquiao and undefeated American boxer Timothy Bradley Jr would be a difficult match in terms of determining the victor.

Joel Diaz, trainer of Bradley, admitted on Wednesday that it would not be easy for his ward to win another decision against Pacquiao given the controversy generated by their first fight in June 2012 which many observers believed was won by the Filipino southpaw.


"We don't want to leave it up to the judges ... We want the fans to see a real winner," ABS-CBN quoted Diaz. Admitting that a knockout is the best proof of who is the better boxer, the trainers said that if the scorecards are close toward the end of the 2nd match, chances are the judges' decision would favour the Filipino legislator.

He believes the judges would be partial to Pacquiao because ultimately boxing is a business and "there's more money to be made with Manny Pacquiao."

But Diaz also believes that Manny would not find it easy to beat Bradley in their second match, based on what happened in the first fight wherein despite Bradley's early injury on both feet, Pacquiao failed to KO his opponent.

"For Manny to beat Bradley, he really needs to knock him out. Because if he couldn't hurt him when he (Bradley) had his feet hurt in the first one, I don't think he'll hurt him now," Diaz said.

However, Pacquiao insisted that his newfound religious belief made him more compassionate in past bouts against his opponents that's why he didn't push for a knockout. But this time, Manny vowed that viewers would see the return of the old ruthless Pacquiao when he meets Bradley for the second time on April 12 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.


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