Boxing News 2014: Bradley Says He Will Try to Knockout Pacquiao If Opportunities Allow

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Barely two weeks to the highly anticipated rematch between eight-division title holder Manny Pacquiao and WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley, more details on the strategies of the two opponents are coming out.

Bradley told Sweetscience that while he thinks he can get a decision against the Filipino champ on their April 12 bout at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, he will nevertheless try for a knockout if the opportunity presents itself.

"I  have already beat Pacquiao once and that was on my first try. I don't think I have to knock him out to get a definite result, but if the knockout presents itself I will take advantage of it," he said.

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Boxing experts, however, believe that Bradley has to score a knockout over Pacquiao to convince fans that his first controversial fight with Manny was no fluke and he really deserves the belt.

He said having healthy feet this time, unlike their previous bout in 2012, would allow him to move away quickly from Pacman's swinging shots.

Bradley vowed to pick up in the second fight where he left off in their first match, stressing, "I will be faster than Pacquiao. I will be hungrier than Pacquiao. I have been in the ring with Pacquiao so I know exactly what to expect."

Rob Smith of said that for Bradley to win over Pacquiao, he needs "to fight more like he did in the Provodnikov fight " because if he doesn't, Smith sees the American unbeaten boxer tasting loss for the first time in the hands of a boxer whom he taunts has lost his hunger and has become more compassionate in the ring.

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