Boxing News 2014: Another Large Guaranteed Purse Could Make Mayweather Agree to Fight Pacquiao, Not Muhammad Ali’s Twitter Challenge

Pacman Teases by Considering Ali, Not Money May, as The Greatest Boxer
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Eight-division title holder Manny Pacquiao has responded to the Sunday tweet of former heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali addressed to unbeaten American pugilist Floyd Mayweather Jr for Money May to give in to fans' clamour for a Pacquiao-Mayweather match.

Ali tweeted it right after Mayweather won by a majority decision in a 12-round battle against Argentinean boxer Marcos Maidana, which earned him a guaranteed $32 million purse.

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Pacquiao told ABS-CBN that he is always ready to meet Mayweather in the ring, but the ball is in Money May's court. To Ali, he tweeted: "God Bless You. Muhammad. YOU are The Greatest!"

The last sentence appears to be Pacquiao's way of provoking Mayweather who had used various excuses and tactics not to fight the Filipino congressman. Both had been contenders for the title Pound-for-pound king, but since Manny has 3 losses while Money May even improved his record to 46-0, the latter appears to own the right to that title.

Pacquiao apparently is not disputing the pound-for-pound king title, but seems unwilling to bestow on Mayweather the title The Greatest, which Money May had occasionally appropriated for himself.

With his Saturday victory, experts estimate that Mayweather had earned about $400 million for his fights. Money May reckoned that he is bound to receive a total of $70 million, including the Pay-per-view revenues.

Because of Mayweather's obsession with his fortune, a Filipino boxing analyst, Boyet Sison, believes the bait for the Dream Match to finally take place would be a higher guaranteed purse that would break the $41 million record amount that Mayweather received in 2012.

Sison said that while Ali's voice is the most influential in the boxing world, the challenge he hurled to Mayweather may remain unheeded unless accompanied by an 11-digit offer.

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