Boxing News 2014: Amir Khan Inks Contract With Mayweather Adviser, Boosts Chance of Bout With Money May

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British boxer Amir Khan is dead set on fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr even if Money May glossed over him in favour of Argentinian boxer Marcos Maidana. To ensure better chances he would be picked for Mayweather's remaining matches until the unbeaten boxer retires, Khan signed with Al Haymon, the boxing adviser of Money May.

Khan's bout against Luis Collazo would also serve as the undercard fight on May 3 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, when Mayweather takes on Maidana.

Khan said, "I am very happy to have signed with Al Haymon who has not only shown that he is a very astute businessman but is extremely knowledgeable of the fight game and always has his fighters' best interest at heart. I'm looking forward to building a long and successful relationship during this exciting stage of my career."

In spite of inking a contract with Haymon, Khan didn't drop his previous promoter, Gold Boy, even if it failed to secure him the Mayweather fight despite signing a contract.

Khan's spokesman said the boxer will still be promoted by Golden Boy, while Haymon would provide advice on fights and help steer Khan's career to move forward. But signing with Haymon is not a guarantee that Mayweather would agree to a bout with Khan.

Boxing fans, though are pushing for a Mayweather-Pacquiao bout, but sports experts believe it would remain a dream match for various reasons, including the approach of both pound-for-pound kings to retirement since they are already 37 and 35, respectively.

Khan is only 27 with a record of 31 fights, 28 of which are wins and 19 by knockouts. He has 3 losses, 2 are KOs.

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