Boxing News 2013: Juan Manuel Marquez is ‘Scared’ Of Manny Pacquiao; Knows Losing is Inevitable in Fifth Fight

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Juan Manuel Marquez stressed that he's not interested to fight Manny Pacquiao anew, insisting that his knockout victory against the Filipino champ in the sixth round of their welterweight clash last December served as the telling blow to their bitter rivalry.

Roughly a year since his sensational knockout win over his rival, Marquez has shown no love towards the Filipino champ, and he was even critical on Pacman's 12 round unanimous win over Brandon Rios last Saturday.

Marquez, who is also serving as a part-time analyst, said Pacquiao only looked good in his latest fight because Rios could not match his advantages in speed and agility. The Mexican added the fight could have been different had Pacquiao faced a faster and more cunning boxer.

"It was important for Manny Pacquiao to look good, so they gave him an opponent like Brandon Rios for his return and he looked impressive. I believe that Bob Arum is doing his job in getting him these types of opponents," the Mexican said in Boxing Scene.

"He never gave Brandon Rios the opportunity to connect with a solid punch, so we didn't get to see how Manny Pacquiao [would react] after that knockout," he said.

"Brandon Ríos lacks speed and intelligence inside the ring. He is a fighter who just moves forward and punches. And if you do not bring speed with you, you are going to lose against him," Marquez added.

When asked if he's willing to fight Pacman for the fifth time, Marquez once again distanced himself from the potential bout and insisted that his Pacquiao chapter of his career is already over.

Veteran boxing analyst Ed Tolentino also thought that Marquez will no longer accept another bout with Pacquiao because the Mexican doesn't want to ruin his lasting memory of his knockout win over the Filipino congressman.

"Juan Manuel Marquez, I don't see him fighting Pacquiao anymore," the analyst said in an interview with ABS-CBN News. "Because Marquez is already contented with the fact that he was able to knock out Pacquiao. Let that be the lasting memory of the rivalry."

Reason There Will Be No Fifth Fight Between Pacquiao and Marquez

First of all, Marquez has been a superb boxer throughout his boxing career. His world championship belt in four division and memorable fights with some of the biggest names in boxing made him arguably the greatest Mexican warrior of all time.

His heart and determination to stand and fight despite great odds is simply admirable, one which upcoming boxers should possess for them to be successful in this bloody business.

On the other hand, Marquez knows that his age is finally catching up. Whether he admits it or not, Marquez's age was exposed in the later rounds of his WBO Welterweight title clash with Timothy Bradley.

There's no denying Marquez had a hard time matching up Bradley hand speed and footwork, and things could be fatal if he matches up with a more matured and clever Pacquiao.

Marquez is one of the smartest guys boxing ever had. Apparently, he's smart enough to say a big 'No' to a fifth showdown with Pacman, because he very much knows, it would never end up on his favor. For a great boxer, Marquez is scared of failure. He's scared of Pacquiao.

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