Boxing News 2013: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Aware He Could Lose To Manny Pacquiao

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. seems to have no intention to fight Manny Pacquiao despite being given several chances to arrange the biggest fight in boxing history. The Grand Rapids native insisted that he does want no part of a declining fighter, but the fear of losing to the Filipino champ might be the primary reason why Money May is still adamant to accept this megabout.

Mayweather, fresh from raking in $100 million following his lopsided win against welterweight star Robert Guerrero and former light middleweight poster Boy Saul Canelo Alvarez, is still looking for his next opponent, the third foe of his six-fight deal with Showtime boxing.

Great Britain's Amir Khan emerged as the early candidate to fight the pound-for-pound king early next year, but Money May's camp quickly squashed the rumors as they claimed Floyd needs a better competition to make the bout interesting.

Here Comes Manny!

Fresh from a 12-round mastery of Brandon Rios in their WBO International Welterweight bout last November, Pacquiao has once again proved that he's ready to slug it out with top-notch competition.

The 34-year old Pacquiao did not show any ill signs of the brutal sixth round knockout loss he absorbed at the hands of rival Juan Manuel Marquez almost a year ago. Instead, Pacman used his speed, both in his hands and feet, to dart in and out of Rios' coverage and unleash a flurry of punches to the Californian brawler.

Although several boxing pundits are skeptical about Pacman's latest win because of inability of Rios to catch a faster and more agile opponent, many are still impressed by Pacquiao's latest success in the ring.

Veteran boxing analyst Sev Sarmienta believed Pacquiao and Mayweather have no choice but to fight each other after several years of failed negotiations. Considered as two of the biggest boxing name in the world, Pacman and Money May would generate as much as $300 million, should they agree to settle the score next year.

Fearing the Pacman?

Giveme Sport boxing analyst Robbie Bannatyne provided a better picture of what's really on Mayweather's mind, every time he's offered to fight Pacquiao.

According to Bannatyne, Mayweather isn't actually scared to duke it out with the Filipino fighting congressman for he knows he has the tools - superb boxing skills - to expose the Pacman. On the other hand, one factor that is really holding Mayweather to say yes to the rumble of the century is his fear of a tattered legacy.

Since making his debut in early 90s, Mayweather has envisioned himself of becoming the greatest boxer of all time. At 45-0 (26 KOs), Money May has certainly the record to back up his claim. Unfortunately, unblemished record isn't enough for someone to be called the greatest ever. Legends are made in a war, not in a lopsided boxing match.

Pacquiao is certainly Mayweather's only ticket to greatness. On the flipside, Pacman is also the only guy that could crush what Money May's has built throughout his career.

"Mayweather has known, as early as 2008, that Manny Pacquiao is the only man capable of damaging his undefeated record. And I truly believe that he still recognises Pacquiao as the only viable threat to his legacy. Irrespective of what he says in public, privately he knows Pacquiao still possesses the devilment that could spell disaster for his undefeated record," Bannatyne stated

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