Boxing Legend Evander Holyfield Compares Homosexuals with Handicapped People on Big Brother (UK)

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Boxing legend Evander Holyfield was rebuked by "Big Brother" for his anti-gay comments on the show.

Holyfield received all the sympathies from the audience when his ears were bitten by Mike Tyson during a heavyweight boxing championship. This time time around though he is not likely to receive any such sympathy after what he said about homosexuals.

Holyfield commented that homosexuals were not normal people. He also added that their condition could be "fixed". It all happened during a discussion between Luisa Zissman and Holyfield on "Big Brother (UK)" when they were handcuffed to each other. Zissman remarked that more homosexual athletes should reveal their sexual orientation. That is going to normalise the presence of such community, she said. Holyfield was quick to contradict.

Holyfield compared homosexuals to handicapped people. He refused to accept Zissman's argument that some people were born that way and that they should be accepted for what they are. Holyfield argued that the same reasoning could not be made for handicapped people who were also "born that way." They must work on overcoming their shortcomings, he said.

Holyfield also claimed that there was no gay boxer. It is not a distant possibility that he has never heard of Orlando Cruz. The professional boxer from Puerto Rico is notable for announcing his homosexual orientation in 2012. Cruz, presently ranked no. 4 among featherweights, represented his country at the Australia Olympics in 2000.

"Big Brother" was quick to respond to Holyfield's anti-gay comment. Holyfield's language was termed as "offensive." He was informed that the "Big Brother" house was not a place to express such personal opinion which can possibly offend a large number of people among viewers. He was literally cautioned against using such language in the house again.

Reports assume that Holyfield was warned of being evicted from the "Big Brother" house if he repeated such things in future.

Watch Holyfield giving his opinion about homosexuality here.

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