Boston Marathon Bombing: Family and Friends Mourn Victim, Krystle Campbell [PHOTOS]


The Boston Marathon held last Monday was supposed to be a fun event for 29-year-old Krystle Campbell of Arlington, Massachusetts but the heinous bombing incident that occurred took her precious life. Officials confirmed to the public that Krystle Campbell was one of the three Boston Marathon bombing fatalities causing her family and friends to mourn their tragic loss even through social media.

Hospital staff initially told Krystle Campbell's father, William, that his daughter survived while Krystle's friend died. However, William Campbell almost fainted when he saw that it was Krystle who died from the bombing incident. It turns out the names of the patients got mixed up on the way to the hospital.

Krystle Campbell was born in Somerville and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts. She first worked at the seafood restaurant Jasper White's Summer Shack until her decision last year to transfer to Arlington and work as a manager at Jimmy's Steer House at Massachusetts Avenue.

Shena Parent, the Jimmy's front-of-house manager, shared that she and Krystle started working at the restaurant about the same time and got along immediately.

"She basically took me underneath her wing. She was the first one there if you needed something," Parent revealed.

According to Shena Parent, Krystle Campbell introduced her to the back-of-house staff, shared some knowledge on the basics and even helped her in building a strong connection with the other employees. Donna Grenier, a Jimmy's server, also shared that Krystle "fit in like a glove" at the restaurant with co-workers enjoying her company and customers appreciate her "wonderful" service.

Patty Campbell, Krystle's mother, gave a brief statement in front of their home at Park Street in Medford to the group of reporters gathered there. "Krystle Marie, she was a wonderful person. Everybody that knew her loved her. I can't believe this has happened," Patty stated.

Krystle's father is still in shock with his daughter's untimely death. "I'm just so shocked right now. She was the most lovable girl. She helped everybody," William Campbell told a reporter. Krystle's grandmother, Lillian, sadly shared to the "Boston Globe" about a chat that she had with her son, William. "You know, it's not right. My granddaughter shouldn't die before me," Lillian said.

Meanwhile, friends and family of the two other victims identified as 8-year-old, Martin Richard, and a Chinese graduate student named Lu Lingzi, who was statistics student at Boston University.

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