Books Kristen Stewart Must Read when Pregnant with Robert Pattinson’s Baby [PHOTOS]

Kristen Stewart and her Love for Books


Kristen Stewart loves to read books. And not just any kind of books, she loves to read classic, literary ones. But should the “Adventureland” got really pregnant as rumors have it, Kristen must add to her library of great books the ones that will be good for her and Robert Pattinson’s Baby.

In an interview with BlackMagazine in the early years of the Twilight Series - - a fantasy, romance film based on a book written by Stephenie Meyers - - Kristen enumerated her favorite books.

These include "East of Eden", "The Stranger", and "Hot Water Music" as some on top of her list.

East of Eden: "It covers fundamental ideas of good and evil," said Kristen. The book is written by Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck.

The Stranger. "I love Camus. The Stranger is one of my favorite books. Kurt Vonnegut,” said Kristen.

Hot Water Music. “I just read Hot Water Music, which is a collection of short stories by Charles Bukowski. I don't normally like his work because it's usually rambling and drunk, but these stories were so good," observed Kristen.

On the Road: "I was a freshman when I read it. I was projecting to the future a little bit. Is that what's on its way? It was about knowing that I wasn't there yet. I hadn't realized what my ambitions were. It made me less insecure and a little bit more hungry," the actress, who played the part when the book was adapted into film years later.

The lady has proven herself to be well-read and is not afraid to express thoughts on any of the book she had leafed through the years. But should she get pregnant with Robert’s baby, Kristen should set these books aside and many of her literature books and she must add a new set of books that will benefit her and her baby during pregnancy.

On top of her classic literature books, IBTimes-AU has compiled the following books she ought to read even as her baby-bump was still beginning to show and until she set eyes on Robert’s baby:

The Happiest Baby On The Block To raise a happy child like Renesmee, Bella in Kristen must take a look at this book written by Harvey Karp M.D. It will help Kristen learn recreating the “womb-like environment” the baby was in for nine months, soothe the baby and help him develop to become a happy baby.

Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy And Childbirth Kristen would always step out in jeans and printed jacket or plain, but still jacket covering her top. But when necessary, like the recent Oscars last February 24, the Speak star can actually turn heads in lacy, see-through gowns and ensemble, looking glamorous and classy.

And all these are expected “to go out of the window” when she started showing Baby Roby. When this happens, the book written by Jenny McCarthy can help Kristen cope with the physical changes she has to go through and stay happy for her and Rob’s baby.

Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected Written by Kelle Hampton, the book, “Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected,” this book has been considered inspirational for most pregnant women. Based on the memoir by Hampton herself, the book provided details on how she handled giving birth to a baby suffering from Down syndrome. The book is good to help Kristen prepare for any untoward incident, anything unexpected before and after the pregnancy. Like Bloom, the book can help Kristen “realize that my new bundle of joy may or may not come with unexpected complications, but I can always find the strength and courage to find the beauty in whatever life will bring.”

What to Expect When You're Expecting For most women who has been pregnant, the book by Heide Murkoff and Sharon Mazel is considered a pregnancy bible. The book is a great help for Kristen since it provides details what she would expect every single month during her pregnancy with Rob’s baby. The good thing about this book is a section of trivia questions like “could using my smartphone be harmful for my unborn baby.”

Now that Robert is in Australia filming The Rover and Kristen is reportedly counting minutes for him to return to their shared home in LA, they are communicating through texts and phone calls, the actress would have no choice but refrain from resorting to her phone to keep the love alive between her and Robert.

 A Practical Handbook for New Dads Be Prepared Well, this book is not entirely for Kristen. But for the would-be father of her baby, Robert. Should she decide to have Rob’s baby, this is going to be the first for both of them. The handbook by Gary Greenberg is written for men by a man, and therefore the voice of the book speaks to men. It provides guidelines on how men should treat their pregnant wives. Tips are also included in the book teaching them on how to feed and bathe the baby. That way Kristen will have Rob help her, especially during the early stage.

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