'Bones' Season 9 Spoilers, Updates: CIA Freddie Prinze Jr in Finale? Meet the New Squintern in Episode 17! [Watch Promo Video]

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Emily Deschanel Plays Temperance Brannan in 'Bones'
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"Bones" Season 9 returned to FOX Mar. 10 after five weeks of hiatus. The crime drama is back to Monday's primetime programming (8/7c). And Bones Season 10 is now official. Meanwhile, Freddie Prinze, Jr reprises his role as CIA Agent Danny Beck, and Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) hires a new squintern. Watch the Bones 9x17 promo video to find out what Brennan told Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) about the new guy at the lab.

Spoiler alert: This feature recaps the highlights of Bones Season 9, Episode 16, "The Source in the Sludge." Read at your own risk. Watch the promo video for next week's new episode on YouTube or scroll down to see the clip.

"You see the sort of trust that guys who serve together would have," Freddie Prinze, Jr explained to E! Online the dynamic between Booth and Beck in this week's new episode, Bones 9x16. Danny Beck was barely introduced in Bones Season 9 premiere. At the end of 'Source,' viewers would know more about his character.

Earlier Bones Season 9 spoilers hinted of Freddie's return on the FOX series. It seems Episode 16 is not the last time the CIA agent would work with Booth (and Brennan). Bones showrunners had earlier teased there will be a continuation to Beck's attempts at recruiting Booth.

Bones Season 9, Episode 16 explores the friendship of these two men who served in the special forces together. Booth shows Beck that he is definitely still on his side and worth his trust. The next time Freddie guest stars, it could be about Booth being convinced to leave the FBI. (Read further for some Season 9 finale clues.)

Bones Season 10: Is it the Final Season of the Show?

Fans are used to seeing their favourite TV series end even before it reaches its 10th year, or the landmark 200th episode. The green light is on for Bones Season 10. Could it be the last chapter for Booth, Brennan and the rest of the beloved characters on the show?

"People will be changed by [Bones Season 9 finale ending] and what will occur at the top of Season 10, But the show as we all know it will continue; it will just continue in a different way," Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan told TV Guide. His remark seems to foreshadow some very big changes next season.

On the subject of Bones Season 10 being the last season, Nathan said production will be able to end the series if the higher-ups decide so. But they are just as ready to continue up to a couple more seasons, if the network executives would want them to.

Watch: 'Bones' Season 9, Episode 17 Intros a New Squintern

Cancer-stricken squintern Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry) is taking things slow. So Brennan decides to hire a new intern at the Jeffersonian. In Bones Season 9, Episode 17, titled "The Repo Man in the Septic Tank," Brennan reacts to the sensuality of squintern Rodolfo Fuentes (Ignacio Serricchio).

Bones Season 9, Episode 17 ("The Repo Man in the Septic Tank") airs on Mar. 17 on FOX. Follow this link for more scoop on Bones Season 9 finale.

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