Bones Season 9 Spoilers: Supervillain Pelant Returns, Booth-Brennan Wedding Happens Next! [PHOTOS]

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Bones Season 9, Episode 3 ("El Carnicero en el Coche") shows a more "normal" Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz). Sweets (John Francis Daley) announces he's extending his leave, and everyone can't get Pelant off their mind. In the next episode, Pelant himself returns. Fans who have been reading the spoilers know this means Booth's and Brennan's wedding is happening soon.

Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds) resurfaces for the FBI and the Jeffersonian Institute in Bones Season 9 Episode 4, "The Sense in the Sacrifice." Booth has been sacrificing his feelings and absorbing his friends' judgements, so this could be the episode that vindicates him.

ON, the episode synopsis goes, "A plot to draw out Pelant requires intricate planning and a donation. Pelant, however, is already three moves ahead of the team, and Sweets suspects a member of betrayal."

"You know they're going to get married, and they can't really get married until the issue of Pelant has been dealt with one way or another. We're doing all that fairly quickly. We're not teasing this out through the whole season," Bones EP Stephen Nathan told Hypable.

Bones Season 9 is far from a happy ending, though. Bones creator Hart Hanson and Nathan both confirmed to Hypable that the next big villain is bigger and "badder." Apparently, Pelant is merely the advance party.

"It's someone who is far more ephemeral than any of our other big, bad guys. As Hart said, it's somebody who comes to our attention because of Pelant," said Nathan.

As for the Booth and Brennan wedding, Nathan expressed hope that the fans would appreciate what the creatives have planned out. The EP also explained there was no point in waiting for the series to end before the two could wed. For Booth and Brennan, "getting married is just sort of a natural extension of their evolving relationship."

Bones Season 9 Episode 4 ("The Sense in the Sacrifice") airs Monday (Oct. 7) on Fox. See some of the promo photos released by Fox in the accompanying slideshow.

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