Bones Season 9 Spoilers, Premiere on Sept. 16; Wedding Season after 'Secrets in the Proposal' [Sneak Preview Video]

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Bones Season 9 spoilers are mostly about resolving the repercussions of the Season 8 finale. Booth had no choice; Christopher Pelant is evil incarnate. But viewers know this matter will be sorted out, eventually. The ninth season premiere called "The Secrets in the Proposal" could deliver some revelation for the beloved Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel). Fans are definitely thrilled about the upcoming wedding in the series.

Seeley Booth actor David Boreanaz has already spilled some wedding spoilers for the avid fans of the FOX series. Bones Season 9 is expected to be filled with lots of drama and comedy, as usual. This season could also see the end of Christopher Pelant. But the lead characters' wedding will take the romance up a notch or two.

"Hank Booth (Seeley's grandpa) is back and we did a funny scene today with chili and eggs and tuxedoes being stained and stuff like that," David told E! Online. The same scoop said the Bones Season 9 wedding "will definitely meet fans' expectations."

In another Bones Season 9 spoiler, Booth and Brenna will reprise their "Tony and Roxy" undercover characters. Fans would remember the dynamic duo from Season 2. Emily Deschanel says her Brennan and Booth will take "a slow journey to getting back together."

By Bones Season 9, Episode 2, Emily told TV Line, "(Booth and Brennan are) in a place that's not great, but it's better than where we started - so at least there's hope there."

TV Guide has some scoop on Freddie Prinze Jr.'s CIA agent in Bones Season 9. The character barely makes an appearance in the premiere, but his offer will affect Booth all season. runs this preview for Bones Season 9, premiere episode:

"The team investigates a body found in an air conditioning vent. When Booth discovers a familiar CIA agent at the victim's home, however, he knows there's more to the Department of State accountant than he realized. Elsewhere, Booth reaches out to a former priest to help him make sense of the chaos Pelant wreaked in his life, and Brennan deals with her disappointment and its effect on her relationship with Booth."

Booth Season 9 premiere ("The Secrets in the Proposal") airs on Sept. 16 on FOX. Check out the slideshow to see some Bones fandom posts on Tumblr.

Bones Season 9 Sneak Peek: Booth and Brennan Agree on 'If Someone Gets Shot Rule'

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