Bones Season 8 Teasers: Pelant Scenes Filmed, Finale Ideas Now in the Oven

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"Bones" Season 8 viewers have just seen Sweets move in with Brennan and Booth, and they look like one dysfunctional and hilarious family. But nothing lasts forever. Terror still looms for these characters as the anticipated return of Christopher Pelant is happening soon.

In fact, "Bones" show runners Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan recently revealed filming has begun for January episodes, in which Pelant will reappear to close his story arc.

Speaking to TV Equals, Nathan said Pelant's return is now being filmed.

"You know, Pelant is always going to be hanging over their heads in all of the episodes, but he comes back in earnest-we're actually shooting the episode now," Nathan said.

Incidentally, Andrew Leeds, the actor who plays Pelant, has also signed up to guest star on ABC's Grey's Anatomy. This could mean that "Bones" will only have him for a couple more episodes.

Bones Season 8 Finale: Will Pelant be in it?

Still, Hanson would not rule out the possibility of having Pelant in this season's finale.

"[The episode featuring Pelant's return is] directed by Rob Hardy and it's one of the biggest episodes we've ever shot... We're starting to talk about what our season ender will look like and [Pelant] may or may not be a part of that," Hanson said.

It is understood brainstorming has not been closed with regards to Pelant's end. Could Pelant have an even bloodier closure than that of the Grave Digger's arc conclusion?

Michaela Conlin as Angela Montenegro Leaving "Bones?"

During the course of the interview, Nathan and Hanson were asked to respond to rumours indicating that Angela will soon be written off the show.

"We have no plans to move Michaela off the show," said Hanson.

"This is [Angela's] season to start to think that her life is meant to be bigger than recreating crimes and living in a life of murder. She's feeling antsy. But I'm very speedy to say that we have no plans to diminish Michaela's involvement in the show."

So good news there, for BFFs Brennan and Angela. They stick together, and they go on creative and mental quests to beat diabolical tech genius Pelant - possibly until this season's finale.

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